Shifting Attitudes…. Share and Inspire….

Shifting Attitudes – breaking the damaging cycle of misinformation and making sure people get the real story behind why people seek refugee protection, and their experiences in the UK. We aim to work with as diverse a community as possible; find new allies; and inspire people to join the call for change.

Here we share some illustrations of how we Shift Attitudes. Want to find out more? We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch with a member of the team!


Regional Asylum Activism helps activists and campaigners to bust myths and shift the narrative on asylum by providing access to excellent resources, reliable facts, and guest speakers with arresting stories.

Through one off events like the Shared Day of Action on Destitution and more sustained activities such as theDignity not Destitution andDefend Access to Healthcare’ campaigns, we build public awareness about the problems affecting people who are seeking safety here in the UK, and use creative tools to inspire others to join the call for change.

      DnD Rally Birmingham              4 136

We work with the media to get positive stories out there and we support brave people to speak out about why they have sought protection and reach audiences nationally and locally. For example, with help from the project, speakers have appeared on Newsnight talking about fleeing the threat offemale genital mutilation, and on local radio, talking about being left hungry and homeless after being refused asylum by the Home Office.

                                                               Newsnight 3 Newsnight 4

We make the most of awareness raising and myth-busting opportunities during Refugee Week. We can help put you in touch with people who deliver refugee and asylum awareness training. In Blackburn, Regional Asylum Activism has helped launch BRAN – Awareness Raising Experts.

          Ref Week                  Ref Week 2     Ref Week 3