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Refugee Stories Podcasts


To mark Refugee Week 2015, RAA in the North West partnered with BBC Outreach to launch a series of audio stories about refugees who’ve come to Greater Manchester to find safety and rebuild their lives.

Refugees who’ve escaped persecution in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Iran and found safety and friendship in our local communities tell their gripping real-life tales. From a sales assistant who fled the Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe, to a young student who escaped homophobic honour-killing in Iran, these eye-opening accounts highlight the risks people take to find safety and the challenges they face in the UK.

The packages are about six different refugees and the (often untold) stories of the welcome and friendship they find here. For more details, read our press release.

The stories were broadcast throughout Refugee Week on Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio Manchester, Salford City Radio and Tameside Radio, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the incredible, courageous, resilient and inspiring sanctuary seekers who shared their stories, to their wonderful friends and supporters and to our talented volunteers from BBC Outreach.

“In the news, we are inundated with stories of people trying to make their way to Europe from areas of conflict around the world. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that each one is a thinking and feeling human being with their own story, and did not leave home on a whim to get on a leaky boat or live in a refugee camp.” Read more about BBC Staff volunteers’ reflections on the project here.


You can listen to all the stories by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, you can stream the soundfiles from Soundcloud using this link:

Mavis and Vicky

Mavis fled persecution in Zimbabwe and hoped to find safety with her daughter in the UK. When her case for asylum was turned down she was sent to Yarl’s Wood detention centre. On her release, she came to Manchester and found a home from home at Women Asylum Seekers Together, where Vicky volunteers.

Speakers: Mavis (from Zimbabwe) and Vicky (friend, from Women Asylum Seekers Together, Manchester). Credits: Jake Lloyd for BBC Outreach.

Mavis and Vicky – short

Mavis and Vicky – long

Mahya and Happy

Mahya is a lesbian who fled the threat of honour-killing at the hands of her family in Iran. Now a proud member of Manchester’s LGBT community, she discusses her plight with Happy, a fellow Lesbian asylum seeker from Uganda who has also found safety and acceptance in Manchester.

Speakers: Mahya (from Iran) and Happy (friend, from Uganda). Credits: Ena Miller for BBC Outreach.

Mahya & Happy – short

Mayha and Happy – feature

Rudo and Ros

Rudo was forced to flee Zimbabwe by the ZANU-PF, leaving behind her four young children. Not knowing anything about the asylum process in the UK she was exploited as a domestic slave before eventually meeting somebody who helped her claim asylum.

Speakers: Rudo (from Zimbabwe) and Ros (friend, from The Boaz Trust, Manchester). Credits: Kathryn Blennerhassett for BBC Outreach.

Rudo and Ros – short

Rudo and Ros – long

Wilson and Phil

Wilson has made Salford his home since escaping the violence in Burundi in 2002. Wanting to help refugees fleeing similar conflicts, he founded Salford Forum for Refugees with the help of local veteran volunteer, Phil.

Speakers: Wilson (from Burundi) and Phil (friend, from Salford Forum for Refugees, Salford). Credits: Jake Lloyd for BBC Outreach.

Wilson and Phil – short

Wilson and Phil – long

Mrs Ibrahim and Anna

Mrs Ibrahim fled to Kenya to escape the war in Somalia before coming to the UK. Despite facing an uncertain future in this country, Mrs Ibrahim volunteers with Anna to educate the public about why people seek safety. Her activism earned her a Manchester International Women’s Day Award earlier this year.

Speakers: Mrs Ibrahim and Anna (friend, from Revive, Manchester). Credits: Flavia Di Consiglio for BBC Outreach.

Mrs Ibrahim and Anna – short

Mrs Ibrahim and Anna – long

Marzia and Chris

Marzia was a barrister, and later a judge, in Afghanistan until the Taliban forced her to flee the country. She has lived in Oldham for six years and is determined to improve her English with the help of friend, Chris, so she can share her skills and experience with the community.

Speakers: Marzia (from Afghanistan) and Chris (friend, from Oldham). Credits: Ena Miller for BBC Outreach.

Marzia and Chris – short

Marzia and Chris – feature

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Contact for Regional Activism Co-ordinator

Estelle Worthington
Email: [email protected] | Mobile: 07557983264 | Landline: 0161 831 5464
Local Host Organisation: Regional Asylum Activism Project,  c/o Refugee Action Manchester, Canada House, 3 Chepstow Street, Manchester, M1 5FW.
Usual Working Days: Monday – Friday

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